Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ready for spring!!

It has been warm and about 60 degrees here so far this week. Of course, that means spring fever has hit. It could not have happened soon enough as this was the worst winter I have ever seen. I think I could go a long time without seeing snow again and that would be fine with me. Anyway I thought I would share some of what we will be planting this year. All of our garden so far is going to be heirloom seeds from various on line sources.

Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans
Great Northern Shell Bean
Copenhagen Cabbage Seeds
Golden Bantam Corn
Straight Eight Cucumber
Hale's Best Melons
Dixie Queen Watermelon
Black Diamond Watermelon
Sweet Banana Peppers (hubby)
California Wonder Peppers
Jubilee Tomato
Brandywine Tommto
Soft White Wheat
Hard Red Wheat
Red Clover
Pollinator Flowers
Lettuce mix

That should be a good start anyway. I would like to get some more herbs for the herb garden but we will wait on that. Hubby wants to plant only what we really like as far as the veggie garden so that narrowed it down a lot. I still have some half runner beans and some Silver Queen corn from last year. I plan on being able to can or freeze a lot this year, if the Lord be willing. The wheat is more of an expeirment. We have this large upper bottom on our property that just sets there. Hubby wants a mini jersey to call that place home, but those little things are expensive. So for now we are just going to plant lots of wheat there. If it does good we may grind some for ourselves but it will also be used for the chickes and goats(as soon as I talk hubby into it). The stalks will be used for compost as they are rich in many nutrients.

I also need to order some fruits trees and berries but that is going to have to wait until next payday. We already have some apple, peach, and pear trees along with some grapes, blackberries, and strawberries. I want to add a lot to that because we have very little of them and they tend to be ate on the spot instead of perserving them. I also would like to have some paw paw trees and a few cherries.

We are wanting to get some type of vegetation for a border by our house. Our backyard is right beside the dirt road by our house. This has always bothered me especially because we have lots of windows on the back side of our house and it makes me paranoid. I wouldn't mind the privacy in the backyard either. We thought of privacy fencing, but that is WAYYY to expensive. Any ideas on what kind of trees or shrubs that would make a nice full barrier and be fast growing?

Well, that is the garden so far. What are you planting?

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