Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting caught up

I am about to finally get caught up from being sick. I still have a few house things to do like shampoo carpets and sort through some ebay stuff. We had a few good days of being back on our schedule and then my ds got a tummy bug. So, I spent yesterday holding him for the most part. I was going to finish up some last minute gifts for them but I am going to wait until later. We have our Christmas play tommorrow and I am just hoping everyone is well enough to attend. I think he got sick from one of those McDonalds playgrounds. I hate those things but they begged to go with some friends of theirs.

Dh had gotten some wonderful gift cards from where he works and we have been very excited about using them. They are for alot of fast food places but a couple were used to buy christmas presents. Dh traded one with his brother in order to purchase me a new camera:) I used one in order to save $120 on a pair of work boots he needed. Poor thing, his had holes in the bottom of them. So basically we got a camera and a pair of work boots for $80. It would have easily cost over $400 without the cards. God is good. My in laws also shared with us some food that they had recieved from the church. We got popcorn chicken, gatorade, cough drops, and some school supplies. I am excited about the school supplies because my momma bought me a new dry erase board for our school room and now I am feel renewed about school work;)

I need to go and finish some laundry. Everyone have a blessed day.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Thanks to my hubby for trying to help out with the house and the kids while I have been sick. Thanks to my momma for taking care of me and taking me to the doctor. Thanks to the in laws for watching my babies while I have been sick. God bless!!!!

I have drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After some more excuriating pain Saturday, I returned to the ER. It was a difficult trip because I went during my baby shower that our church was hosting. Sorry guys. I just couldn't handle the pain anymore. So, my mom took me to the ER. We were going to go to the hospital were my ob doctor is but the roads got terrible and were shut down. We ended up going to our small local hospital which is more like a band aid station. Well, good for them because finally someone gave me pain medicine. Apparently, I don't have just sinusitis. My sinus pressure has aggravted the vessels in my face which in turn aggrevated the nerves in my face causing some serious pain. The condition called temporal something or another also causes blurred vision which I was having big time in my right eye. You could actually feel a pulse in my cheecks the pain was that bad. And of course, the pain was so bad I wasn't eating or sleeping and being very pregnant, that was not good. The ER doctor decided it was time to give the pain meds to me because my inablitly to eat and sleep was causing stress on the baby and he felt that the pros out weighed the cons for the meds. The way to treat this problem is actually with medicine that I can not take at all while I am pregnant so I guess it is going to be a wait and see. I have been using the medicine only when I really need it. Today has been so-so thus far. I still have pain but it has been tolerable. I have been able to do some light housework with lots of rest in between chores. So, I am just going to keep praying and hope that I will be totally pain free soon. Blessings!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What?? Already?

Just a quick note, baby girl is already in postition. That's my girl, getter done. I can't believe I just used that phrase.

Prayers please.

I could use all the prayers I can get. I am once again sick with a sinus infection and double ear infection with some swollen tonsils. To put it short my head is full of crap. You wouldn't think that something like that could cause so much pain, but it does. I have had two kids and a battle with kidney stones, there isn't much difference between that and this. At least with child birth and kidney stones, you know it will eventually end. I have been sick everyday for over 3 weeks now. Of course, there is little the doctors will do for me because of the pregnancy. My face feels like someone has beat me. Not that I have ever been beat but I imagine that is what it is like. I have used every vapor, home remedy, massage, ect known to man and nothing seems to get rid of it for good. My ob doc just put me on semi bed rest yesterday. I hate not being able to do stuff. I miss playing with my kids and doing projects around the house. Everything seems so, well, lazy now. I HATE it. I want to clean my house, play with my kids, prepare for the baby. And I can't. I completley believe this is a battle with more than some sinus problems. This whole year has been a battle for us. I feel that it is a battle of powers and principalities. The devil only bothers you during two times. When you are doing wrong, and the other is when you are doing right. I know that I will be delivered. This can only last so long. One day I will be walking the streets of gold with my Savior and the devil won't be able to do a thing about it. Tisk, tisk, how angry he must be. So, pray if you feel led. I am going to have a generic coke and Praise the Lord for my husband, kids, and momma, and in laws. Blessings!!!