Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It gets even colder.

It is even colder today than yesterday. We also got a good bit of snow. It was so cold today the kids went out for 15 minutes and back in they came. DH had a hard time getting home this morning because the roads were so ice covered. He said he slid a few times. I think we are just going to lounge around today. I still have laundry to do and I may try out a new hm furniture polish. Have fun and stay warm today. I think I need to go light another heater. Burrr!!!! Blessings.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh baby its cold outside.

It is so cold outside. I guess in the grand scheme of winter weather, it isn't really that bad. It is about 30ish and around here in winter it can get alot colder. But when you are use to warm weather, the cold comes as a shock. So the fireplace is going and the kittens are all huddled up on the porch. I got up today to a coughing and congested 6yo and a 4yo with a belly ache and throwing up. Ahh, motherhood. Hopefully they will perk up soon. I dread the cold weather ahead. My kids thrive on the outdoors. I have a hard time with keeping them entertained in the cold and dark months. It also has me thinking about Christmas. I have no idea how to handle Christmas this year. I will probably have to use dh's saftey bonus and get some gifts from ebay and such. I hope he gets the bonus. He is also getting all next week off. He was hoping to be able to work through Thanksgiving, but they are shutting the job done for the week. He will be working 13 hour shifts for the next 6 days to try to make up for the pay differnce from the holidays. Ain't he sweet!!!!! I am also trying to find some cloth diapers and a baby bed on ebay super cheap. I keep holding out because I believe I will find a great bargain on them eventually. My church is also suppose to have a small dinner and gifts for me and the baby sometime soon. I will probably wait until then to really be on the hunt for deals that I need for the baby. I also wanted to say a big thanks to our dear friends Felix and Sherry for the gifts they gave us. We recieved a gifts set of about 4 shirts, 1 pants, a hat, and booties and also two beautiful and thick blankets. I wished my camera worked and I would post a pic of them. I was really hoping to get good blankets as the baby will be here in the winter and I don't have any good ones already. Well, I think I will go do some extra chores and sip some cocco with the kids by the fire;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi, it is cold here. I am still trying to get use to the time change, but I'm still having problems. I like daylight. Call me silly. I just sold my first item on ebay today. Now I am going through the house to find more junk, I mean treasures. Don't worry I won't sell the kids or the dog;)lol We have been busy latley trying to get the yard ready for winter. Alomost got it all. Our car still needs to be cleaned and we need new tires. Of course I don't have the money for tires so I am hoping it will just fall out of the sky. The money that is, not the tires!!! The kids are doing great. I recently discovered that my daughter is going to need glasses. She has a good memory, but when it came to recognizing her ABC's she would confuse letters that looked similar. Sunday before church she was playing with my glasses and put them on. She then got a stunned look on her face and said Momma, I can see. At first I thought she was being silly, but then I noticed how she would look at things. I asked her to point out her letters and guess what, she did it. I am going to make an appointment Thursday. I would have sooner but dh and myself had app. this week and it takes two hours to drive to decent doctors around her. After our apps. are over I will make one for their eyes and also one with the dentist. I LOVE having insurance now.LOL

I wanted to tell you about what my children did to Moses. Last year for Christmas, I bought them the dolls/action figures that talk and are from the bible. I don't remember what they are called but they have Moses, David, Ester, and Mary. They seem to like playing with them in dd's doll house. The other night, I heard them in the bathroom so I went to investigate. Of course, I sneeked up on them thinking I was going to catch them tearing up something. When I saw what I saw, I was speechless. There on our counter was Moses. He was stripped off to his undies and sitting on the toy potty from dd's doll house. When I finally could speak, I asked dd what he was doing. "Moses is pooping momma!!" O-k-a-y. I always wanted my kids to relate to people of the bible as real people and not a fairy tale but this is pushing it. What are you going to do with him, I ask. "When he is done, I will wipe his butt and flush for him." Oh my!!! I watched her and sure enough she got some tp and pretended to wipe him and flush. It is never a dull moment around her. Christ himself must of had to laugh. Blessings and have a good day.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween pics

I forgot to add some pics of my babies dressed up for Halloween. We let them dress up in decent costumes and we take them to a nice neighborhood for "treats". 6yo was a ninja. He loves all things ninja. 4yo was a princess bride. She is very prissy as you can tell by the pics. They had a great time and I am sure the dentist will have a great time fixing all of that candy damage.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am still here. I have once again been battling a terrible sinus infection and chest cold. I finally broke down and went to the ER last night. The facial pain was just too much to stand. I feel some better today but I am not back to my old self. I am just doing what has to be done to get by. I hope that I will soon be back to my old self. DH is being wonderful while I am sick. He isn't nagging over things being a mess around here and he has tried his best to help me feel better. He even made breakfast today;) My kids are doing great. They spent some time with their grandparents while I was in the ER. They get so spoiled when they are with them. I am afraid that my ds is coming down with something. He has just laid around this evening and he also took a nap. That is so not like him. He is usually my very busy little bee. DD has gotten out some old--er, previous used baby clothes and is organizing them in my dresser. She is so excited to see this baby. My son is excited too. He has taken to lifting my shirt up to expose the preggy belly, which is cute except when he does it in public:0 I also wrecked our car this weekend. Not a big deal. I was turning in our driveway and I guess my brain was foggy from this infection. I turned the wrong direction and backed into a huge stone that is used as a seat near our pond. It scratched the car pretty good, but at least it wasn't anything serious. My dh came outside and said you are not in any shape to be driving. He was right!!! It was only my second accident in 12 years. The first was in a parking lot. A truck side swipped me. OK so I have problems with driving in parking areas:( Hope all is well. Blessings!!