Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so so so thankful that I got five hours of sleep last night instead of the usual three. God must have really felt sorry for me and had mercy on my sleepy eyes. Baby girl seems to have colic. I thought breastfeeding babies didn't really get colic but oh well. I am just thankful to have them and the sleep was just icing on the cake;)
Other stuff:
I am ready for spring. I need to air out the house and declutter and organize. Once again the toys are taking over. DO NOT buy toys for my kids. Please. They do not need them. At least some other kids will benefit from the unused toys. I just miss my some what empty house. When we first moved here three years ago, the house seemed so empty. We didn't have the furniture or anything else, to fill it. I sure do miss that. Now there is stuff everywhere. Mostly toys, books, and papers. Even when the house is clean it still looks messy because of the clutter. Maybe I could post some pics as I start the cluttering process. I also want to paint some rooms with some left over paint that I found. Some time this spring/summer, we will be taking up our carpet. We don't have anything to put down in its place yet. But if you know me you know that I hate carpet. We all have allergies and that carpet just traps all of that stuff. I am so tired of vacuuming it and shampooing it. We will just have sub-flooring to walk around on for a while, but that is fine by me. At least it can be just mopped up instead of having to look at a stain on carpet forever:0 When we get more out of debt, we plan on buying unfinished hardwood. I lived with plywood floors before and I can do it again. I better scoot, I have laundry left to do. Blessings.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It has once again turned cold here. We are suppose to get a big snow this weekend. It is hard to be thankful for that. I guess I will just keep trying to think of something:)

Anyway, besides the cold, I have so many things to be thankful for. I have my wonderful little family. I have a baby girl here, despite all the complications. I have very active and smart kids. DH's job seems to be holding out. Which is great news in this economy. He tries so hard to help with the baby, but bless his heart, when he is sleepy, he is sleepy.

I am so thankful that I got everything I needed for Kylee for free or very cheap. I heart ebay. There was a time that I just didn't think I would be prepared. I am also thankful to my fellow bloggers who introduced me to cloth diapers. They rock. I kind of feel bad for putting that scratchy disposible on my other two.

So, that is some of the things that I am thankful for. I am going to go put a load of laundry on and think of some reason to be thanful for the cold.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our baby girl, Kylee was born on February 7, 2009. She weighed 7lbs and 7 ounces. She is very healthy and beautiful.

The birth story is something different all together. On the sixth, I went to a regular OB app and was admitted to be induced. I was to be induced because I wasn't dilating and my blood pressure was going up. So to prevent pre-eclampsia I would deliver. Everything was going well. I was given the medicine to dilate me and it was late afternoon on the seventh. The doctor came in to break my water when I had dilated to a four. When he broke my water, he made the statement "oh, that's not good." And the chaos broke out. Apparently, I had a lot of bleeding when he broke my water. It was what he called "old blood". Then the baby went into distress with a heart rate of 60 and they could not get it back up. So quickly my doctor called in an OR staff for an emergency c-section. I was terrified, not for me but for my baby. It is an awful feeling knowing your baby is in trouble and you can't even hold her in your arms. By God's grace, the OR staff just happened to be already at the hospital. Including one that had left the building. The entire staff took less than ten minutes to gather. My husband, mom, and a nurse wheeled the bed down to the OR room. I could tell they were scared but trying to be calm for my sake. In the OR, the most wonderful anesthesia doctor tried to calm my fears as they prepared for a spinal and the delivery of my baby. Because the doctors believed she would be critical upon deliver, a team of pediatric doctors and nurses were standing by. Finally after getting everything together in a mad, crazy state of hurry, they make the incision. I think that was the moment when time stood still for me. I just begged God to spare her life. Talk about boldly going to the throne of God. A few seconds later, I heard her struggle to breathe. They had to work with her a while but she was breathing. She was so blue. She looked bruised all over. They quickly showed her to me and then took her to the nursery to get her help with her breathing. I asked my husband to go with her and he did. From the time they wheeled me into the OR till the time she was born was a total of eight minutes. Can you believe that? So, they finished the surgery and took me back to my room to recover. Anyone who says a c-section isn't painful is lying!!! I would much rather have a vaginal delivery any day. Later that night my husband brought her to me. She was so perfect. Praise God, she only needed some time in an oxygen tent. She amazed everyone with how quick she came around. And although, it hurt to move, I kept her with me as much as possible and I was still able to breastfeed her. As for the reason for her distress, her umbilical cord had entered the birth canal before her, pinching it off. We still don't know where the blood came from because the placenta was intact, but it has been sent to a lab. So we are home now. I even had my staples out today. All sixteen of them. And while, I will NEVER forget the horror of this birth story, I can only thank God for his mercy and grace. I also thank the staff at the hospital for their quick response. I thank my mom for being there and praying a heart felt prayer. And I thank my husband for being there, even if he got scared and called his boss while I was being sewed up. Honey, I am never going to let that one go!LOL But, I understand and love you. I look forward to having Kylee in our family. She is so sweet, if feels like she has always been here.

Kylee Grace