Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to stop pre elampsia

I went to my doctors appointment today. Everything looks good. I have gained about 10 pounds so far. I was getting ready to leave and he said, when did you have problems with your first pregnancy. I told him I had pre term labor at 29 weeks. So now I am going to the doctor every two weeks. Did I mention the doc office is almost two hours away. He wants to monitor my blood pressure because it was up from the previous visit. I told him it was up because it was 90 degrees in the waiting room. Ha!! I wasn't being smart, he knew I was joking and it actually was that hot. It is not that my bp was high, it was just higher than before and I am almost at the same time frame that I was with my son. I am determined not to let this happen. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I also need to say how proud I am of my kids. We waited two hours in the doctors office after the two hours to get there and they were angels. The staff even commented on how well behaved they were;) It is days like today that make me so proud to be their momma. Blessings!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I am so sick. I hate having sinus problems. Can't breathe, can't cough good, can't talk. The kids are bored and want mamma to play with them. I think I'll just go back to bed:( :( :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Economic hardship from a tax payer

Well, if it doesn't look like the end of the world as we know it. This economy is going down fast. Let's not forget the $700 billion dollars the US government blowed in the wind last week. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. All of these politicians told us that we were not competent enough to understand what was happening in our economy and so they pass this bill and guess what nothing happened. I am just ticked that these Wall Street millionaires are getting their pockets full while I am spending a total of $1700 a month to IRS. That being what is withheld from my dh's paycheck and what we owe in back taxes from "our failed business." The US government in my opinion is just robbing Peter to pay Paul and we all know that doesn't work. So where does that leave this family? In debt and barely scrapping by. Of course we have a desire to be debt free but that desire came along right before our business went bust and we haven't made huge process in paying down our debt. We have however, made progress in frugal living. I just told my dh that if the rapture doesn't occur in ten years time (which I actually think it will) that I should become quite the expert on frugal living. We are staying put and doing much of nothing while we wait. Wait to get out of debt and wait to see what this economy is going to do. I personally think that a little would have went along way. Instead of passing this monster bill, the government should have looked at alternatives. Maybe refinancing default mortgages and giving people with ARMs just a better rate. Most people want to keep their homes if possible so I think they just need a little break. I don't think liquidity is such an issue. I know people who have just went this week and gotten loans of over $10,000. It is just perhaps people with good credit getting the loans and we are just not use to that. I really hope that no one gets a wild idea to add fuel to the fire. All we need now is some sort of second fear such as attack on our soil, food shortages, or more of the gas shortages and this country could be in for all out chaos. I have to admit, I do find it interesting to watch some of these rich CEOs and politician freak out over the economy. I think they are more concerned than average Joe not because we do not understand economics but, because they do not understand surviving poverty. Most of us at some part of our lives have dealt with severe economic hardship. We know what it is like to eat pintos for every meal. But the upper class probably doesn't. Anyway, our Saviour will see us through. One question, anyone know what to do when the kids get cabin fever and you can't go anywhere? It is starting to hit here and they are bored. Don't get me wrong, being bored builds character, but sometimes I need to get some work done and it is hard when they want me to entertain them. God Bless!!