Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Castle of Dreams

My beautiful Bride
You did say "I do"
My heart is all yours
I promise to you
To build a Castle
A Castle so great
And gardens of love
My Princess of fate.

My shy handsome Groom
I could not say "no"
My heart is your heart
I’ll never let go
A white picket fence
A house with fresh paint
You are my Castle
The Prince of my fate.

My beautiful Bride
With child you are
I promise to be
Best Father by far.
To share all the pain
To share all the good
Make true my promise
Your Castle of wood.

My shy handsome groom
I cannot disguise
The part of our love
My womb holds inside
A wife and Mother
The best I will be
Within these old walls
A Castle will be.

My beautiful Bride
How is it I see
Three children later
And no time for me
Sorry I’m home late
I do need a hand
Hired help will build
Your Castle of sand.

My shy handsome Groom
I’m tired and worn
The children run wild
The wallpapers torn
I swear I do need
Just one helping hand
To help with chores in
My Castle of sand.

My beautiful Bride
I have to leave town
Business is calling
Lest all should fall down
My ventures I sought
Have not turned out well
They seem all for naught
Our Castle we sell.

My shy handsome Groom
I must tell you this
Children all grown now
So leave with a kiss
Our Castle is paid
I own it you see
I learned in good time
The Castle was me.
Jeanne (Carlton) Walters ©1995

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