Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Decluttering okay...not so much

I was doing really well on tossing all kinds of stuff. Really, I was. And then baby girl decided that she wanted to be held all the time. If I put her down she is usually crying in under five minutes. I can barely do the basics.

I did manage to get the kids rooms done before her little spoiled rotten stage started. So now there are tons of bags of toys and clothes setting in my living room. Yeah. There is so much to do here in preperation for spring. It makes my mind go crazy. I will never get it all done in time.

We sold dh's box truck that happened to house all of his tools. Now we have nowhere to put the tools so we have to fix that. Along with a ton of other stuff. Good news is that we made a little money off of the box truck. We will be using that to pay off our smallest bill which is a credit card. It will also fund our emergency fund. Baby steps but still, one day, I will be debt free.

We have to grit our teeth and do our taxes soon. Our taxes is in such a mess because the CPA we had with our business was not filing extensions even though he told us he was. Of course he had no proof of it. But we are stuck with the bill. We owed around $6k in taxes but with the penalties it cost us $12k now:( I have no idea how we are going to pay it off but I guess we will some how.

I am going to get off of here and get busy since baby girl is asleep. I still have dishes to do and laundry to put away. Blessings.

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