Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer school

As this school year is winding down, I am thinking about the summer months. I would like to do "light" school work during summer. Not a lot, just touch up on some subjects.

CC: Work on multiplication tables and cursive.
KC: Reading well and handwriting worksheets. Maybe some "very light" math.
Both: Independent reading, botany study, and geography study.

We will be using Galloping the Globe, Fun with Times Tables, and some on line resources.

Of course, I will need to look at curriculum for the fall as well. I really need to get CC away from Saxon math because he is so bored with it. I was thinking about using Horizon Math or Math U See, but not sure. Any ideas? I want to do more hands on as well this fall, as both kids seem to enjoy that. Daddy will have to help with the science experiments though, so not my department LOL. Anyway, just thinking out loud here, but could use some help.

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