Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ramblings and Palin

I know I have been away for a while. School is in full swing here and we are just getting settled in. DS seems to be doing good. His Saxon math is a little bit of a review until we get to about the middle, but I figure it will be good for him. His reading is doing great and his writing is as well. In a few weeks we will begin lapbook projects. The kids really seem to get into all of that. We have some more to do in a few minutes because my son fell and sprained his wrist. I am going to see if he can write with it now, if not we may do his handwriting tomorrow. DD is doing better. She can write letters really well, but has no idea what they are. She just randomly writes. She knows her ABC song but doesn't get their identity or the sound they make. She is finally starting to show more interest this time. She was looking at her flash cards and for example, if it was a picture of a cake, she would say cake, pppppp sound, cake.LOL Too cute. But I am glad she is finally stepping into the curious part of learning. Kids seem to do so much better when they aren't forced and stressed to learn something immediately. Anyway, on to Sara Palin's speech last night. If you know me, then you know I was rooting for Ron Paul. I loved his no nonsense approach. I also like Huckabee. But I detest Obama. I think he says alot without really saying anything. So with all that being said. I think Palin gave a wonderful "performance". It is hard to gauge if someone in politics is the real deal or if it is just a show. I don't know which she is but the speech was awesome and did you see little Piper licking her brother's hair down. That was soooo priceless. Well gotta scoot school work to do.

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Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment your left. I just love The Simple Woman Idea. I just received my writing circle letter today--I am excited. Did you get in on that also? I like your blog. Especially the godtube video of when God will return. I sent it to all my kiddos---pretty powerful.