Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New way of eating

Let's keep this post real. I am very overweight. It started with my first child and hasn't stopped. I need to change a few things. My diet wasn't so much about piggin out on ice cream or pizza but more about PEPSI, to the tune of 6-7 cans a day. Oh, and the wonderful world of white bread. A perfect snack would be a can of Pepsi and a slice of white bread. YUM. Okay I have issues.

I am currently holding the soda down to one can a day and I have traded white wheat for whole. I of course in two weeks have lost zero pounds:( That ticks me off. But on to the rest of my family's new diet plan.

The NO NO list:
No soda
No white wheat(except special occasions)
No soy (I am allergic)
No nitrates
No things with ingredients I can't pronounce

The CAN list:
Whole wheat
Almond milk for me
Lean meats
Our own eggs
Lots from scratch

I am wondering if I need to take a herbal supplement or something to jump start my metabolism. I though for sure I would lose at least some when I quit drinking soda, so maybe there is something else going on.

Hubby is on this new way of eating and is loosing lots of weight. I am still not sure if I am happy or envious about it.LOL

The only problem I am having with this new program of sorts is I have no idea what to do for snacks. Fruit is not cutting with the kiddos anymore and I am out of ideas. So if anyone happens by this blog and has any ideas please let me know.

On a different note, I know that I never post anymore, but I have some post coming, I promise. I hope to get up at least a post on our homeschool year and some pics of the kids in the mountains in the fall. We love to go riding around the ATV paths around here in the fall.


Jess said...

It's funny that you posted this because I was just thinking about posting on myself trying to lose weight and get healthier over on my blog.

On the kids snacks, I of course always have fruit on hand but like you said they sometimes get bored with that. I give them healthy granola bars (you can make these homemade) or trail mix, peanut butter crackers, boiled eggs, cheese sticks, gummies (but they have to be Welch's 100% fruit), carrots and peanut butter, and sometimes cookies made from scratch.

Jan said...

If your husband is on a diet that is helping him lose weight, don't wait around. If you want to lose weight you can. It is all up to you. I know and have done it. Don't wait around. Take control and do whatever it takes.