Thursday, June 24, 2010

Praising the Lord

Our family is so thankful for God's protection lately. A few weeks ago, my sister in law was going to the local feed store to get some feed for her horses. She went early in the morning because her and her husband was going on a weekend getaway. As she was pulling off another car hit her head on. She is okay. She ended up with some stitches, sprains, scrapes, and bruises. But she is okay and finally able to get around. Her truck is totaled. The guy that hit her had no insurance and a revoked license. He plans to sue her but that is another post. Don't get me started.

Last weekend, I got a call that my mom was in a wreck. She was on her way back from her dad's when she was hit head on. A car crossed into her lane and she went off the road and scraped her passenger side all the way down on a rock cliff. AND the car still hit her head on. The driver got out and accused her of hitting him. Uh, hello, her truck is pinned between a rock cliff and YOUR car. At the accident, she kept loosing consciouses and they took her to the ER. She is okay. She suffered a major concussion and a torn muscle in her arm. She is pretty banged up. She has been referred to a neurologist and may need some PT for her arm. Her truck is totaled.

I still have reason to rejoice though. They are both okay. God was there with them. Actually, my mom was praising the Lord over and over and the EMTs thought that she was delusional from the concussion. LOL God is Good.

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debbieo said...

I think you all better stay home and off the road.